DMS Quantity Surveyors provides accurate and relevant information to property owners and managers, assisting them in decision-making, to more efficiently and effectively manage, and maximize the values of their relevant portfolios.


Our service consists of three elements that can be used together or independently. Furthermore, it can be individually integrated into your current system:


  • The physical "survey" of the building and drawing up of As-Built plans of any existing structure for which drawings are outdated or unavailable.  The resulting sets of As-Built plans show all floor areas, brick walls, dry walls, fire hose reels and extinguishers.  All tenant areas are visible and their relevant m2 areas are shown.  These As-Built plans are provided to you in hard copy as well as electronic formats.  They are readily integrated and used by Quantity Surveyors, Space Planners, Asset & Property Managers etc. needing to conduct area measurements, spatial audits, space planning etc.
  • SAPOA measurement method is then applied, resulting in a QS certified report, allocating the buildings GLA to: (a) each tenants useable area (UA), (b) each tenants rentable area (RA), (c) all common areas and (d) all non-rentable areas.
  • All subsequent alterations and changes are documented.  All information regarding the property is continually updated, thus allowing your management teams to work with the most relevant property information possible.


In addition / alternatively:  Web hosting of images of vacant spaces inclusive of continued updates.